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September 24, 2007

>The movie I’m so dying to see


I’m sure almost everyone who is very interested in Atonement has already taken a good look on the film’s official website (check it here if you haven’t), but i’ve just looked at it a couple of minutes ago. As i finally have La Vie en Rose in hands (i’m gonna see it soon), Atonement has become the film i’m definetely looking forward to watching in the movies. More clips i see of it, more i wanna see it! I have great expectations towards this film. I’ve read the wonderful Ian McEwan’s book, one of the best novels i’ve ever read, nevertheless, if it was properly adapted to the screen this film cannot be bad. And besides, from what i could see in a couple of short clips, the cinematography; costume design; art direction and soundtrack feels like a blast to my senses. Oh, how i’m jealous of those of you who can see it by now! I’ll have to wait until january… For the rest, i’ve been in Copenhagen since friday (i came back yesterday) and i haven’t had time to update things here. I mean, to update it properly. I’ve been to the Copenhagen international film festival where i attended two master classes in which i met screenwriters Jim Sheridan and David Hare. Of course i intend to write a proper post on this and share everything that i remember from it with you (movielovers or not!), but that will have to wait a little.