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September 17, 2007

>A few comments on the last films I’ve seen in the movies


Knocked Up is a comedy written and directed by the same guy who accomplished The 40 Year Old Virgin (which i haven’t seen), an unpretentious film perfect for a saturday evening when all you expect is to have some good laugh and a good time. I don’t see anything greater than that in this film, so, in my humble point of view, Knocked Up has been extremely overrated. Some people even claimed the film is much more realistic than most of dumb comedies out there (not so hard to be, isn’t it?), but i don’t see much reality in it, on the contrary. I’m a person who truly believes in love, real love, but for me, nothing seems more awkward or out of reality than a beautiful, sweet, intelligent and successful young woman saying “I Love You!” to a 20-year-old chubby and awfully dressed young man whose major activities consist in smoking cannabis all day and marking down when celebrities appear naked in movies in order to build a website related uniquely to this theme: famous boobs and bush. Alison (Katherine Heigl) has been promoted to the job of a TV presenter on E! Channel, and in order to celebrate it, she goes party and meet Ben (Seth Rogen). She gets drunk, they dance, they go to her place, they have the cliche one night stand and a couple of weeks later – surprise! – She’s pregnant.
A Mighty Heart is one of the films i was really expecting to see, since it seemed like a powerful drama and some critics even claimed Jolie was Oscar-worth it. I’ve always admired her as an actress, but after some wrong choices and a few bad actings (like Alexander, what was that?!?), i started to lose my faith on her. But Jolie proves once again how capable she is of giving a good performance. She plays Mariane Pearl, the very pregnant wife of Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and murdered during a terrorist act in Karachi, Pakistan, in january 2002 (yes, the movie is based on true facts). By logic, Mariane is one of the most – or if not – the most truly real character Angelina has ever portrayed. Her performance feels convincing and substantial, though she didn’t seem to have worked on the character’s accent (not that this last thing mattered to me). Surrounded by a post-09/11 atmosphere, the story is heartbreaking, as we follow Mariane’s anxiety and endless hope on finding and rescuing her beloved husband. It’s really moving the moment when she finally finds out what happened to Danny, as well as the reaction of those who were working on rescuing him while watching the video that left no doubt about the journalist’s fate. A very subtitle moment where the camera chooses to show the reaction on those men’s faces instead of exposing the cruel reality.