>Venice yesterday


Keira Knightley in the opening day of the Venice Film Festival, representing her upcoming film Atonement. This year’s jury is presided by the chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, who directed Raise the Red Lantern, one of the best films made in the 1990s. He has been awarded three times in Venice.

10 Comments to “>Venice yesterday”

  1. >venice is just so quaint and keira's fab!!!!!!!!!!! love her hair!!! (though it's kinda messy=p)zhang yimou is such an awesome director!!love!

  2. >Adoro a Keira Knightley. Disseram que a magreza dela espantou ontem, mas acho que é do próprio estilo dela – de qualquer forma, é belíssima.Abraço!

  3. >Keira's hair looks so plain in this photo, and still she looks stunning. How does she do that?!!!

  4. >this film looks damn interesting! i like keira, she dos always right though she has yet to surprise with an awesome performance.she looked great in that chanel haute couture dress though shes so skinny!

  5. >A Keira é maravilhosa e as roupas da Chanel dela no evento estão simplismente divinas…mas, a magreza dela não está tão bonita assim……uma pena…Beijos

  6. >Keira estava belíssima ontem, mas eu confesso que fiquei muito surpresa com a magreza dela.

  7. >Looked at ur profile. Lucky you who can speak various languages! I would really like to learn portuguese. Actually I remember this show that was originally (i think) in portuguese but translated in spanish.The show was called EL CLON.i have started a new blog, i would like for you to give some feedback if you can on ideas for a blog, and what you think of my first post.thanks very much!

  8. >I *loved* 'Raise the Red Lantern.' It's a gorgeous, sad film. I usually don't dig Keira but I might have to check this one out.

  9. >Raise the Red Lantern is one of my favorite movies, and I adore Gong Li.

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