>Three books, Three movies – part 1


The Hours

by Michael Cunningham

“To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face and to know it for what it is. At last to know it, to love it for what it is, and then, to put it away”.

I read the book before i saw the movie, actually, right before i saw it back in 2002. The lines were fresh in my memory and the images, the sounds, the feelings, it all became perfectly real in the cinema screen. It was too much to absorb in such a short time: words, images, piano melodies, madness and lives. Three lives of three women, in different times, united by a single book – Mrs. Dalloway. Clarissa is in New York in the 1990s, she wakes up and she’s going to organize a party in honor of a beloved friend. Laura lives in a LA suburb in the 1950s, she has what people would call the perfect family, but the perfection doesn’t suit her. At last, there’s Virginia Woolf, placed in the british country side writing the already mentioned novel. It gives me goose bumps every time i see one of the first scenes in the film where the characters are beggining to be intertwined, the scene that evolves the decision of buying flowers at early morning. And what to say of Philip Glass soundtrack? I’m speechless. Listen to it here.

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

“What are you doing here, honey? You’re not even old enough to know how bad life gets. And it was then Cecilia gave orally what was to be her only form of suicide note, and a useless one at that, because she was going to live: “Obviously, Doctor,” she said, “you’ve never been a thirteen-year-old girl.”

I read the book after i saw (and loved) the film, despite the fact i never really understood the point of the story. But reading the book didn’t give me any further answers, the book lies in mystery, as the story of the five voiceless Lisbon sisters are narrated many years later by the boys who never really knew their deepest inner secrets, who desperately tryed to penetrate their isolation, but failed. The most original thing about this book is how it’s narrated by a group and not by a single character or by an author’s judgemental look. The story takes place in an american suburb in the 1970s, where people seemed to live in a bubble, a bubble that was about to burst. I think the essence of the book was very well captured by Sofia Coppola. Those who didn’t like the movie shouldn’t waste their time reading the book, then.

Little Children

by Tom Perrota

“It’s the hunger, the hunger for an alternative and the refusal to accept a life of unhappiness.”

When i first watched Little Children trailer last year, i immediatly thought this was going to be my darling movie of the year. Soon i started reading the book, and as the book was very good, and the trailer was the best trailer of last year (in my opnion), i was expecting to watch a masterpiece. It wasn’t the case. The book is SO MUCH better. In the story, Sarah, an ex-bissexual, and now a married woman and mother of a little girl, is trapped in her american suburban life, which she never dreamt for herself. There’s also Todd, the handsome stay-at-home dad, whose good looks earned him the label “The Prom King”, by the moms of the local playground.

Both frustrated and trapped, the two young adults are going to start a torrid love affair that will go further than either of them could have imagined. There’s a second plot that follow throughout the book, a former “child molestor” who recently moved back to the quiet suburb, provoking the anger of a particular parent and the collective concern of others. What disappointed me in the movie wasn’t the fact the child molestor’s character was portrayed as an innocent little kid, for example, but the fact the director concluded the film in a moralistic, judgemental and a sort of overdramatic way. The essence of the novel lies in irony, from its beggining to its end. But of course i’m not going to describe its last lines here and spoil it to you.

27 Comments to “>Three books, Three movies – part 1”

  1. >I recently watched Little Children and I would say the name is very aproppriate because in essence they are all immature and still dealing with uncontrolable needs and desires. It actually made me think that we, grown ups, still have a lot to learn and deep down still have "areas" that haven't yet developed.I have not read the book so can't compare but I'd say the movie is an interesting one to see, and think about.

  2. >I really wanted to watch Little Children but I think I might read the book first instead. The Virgin Suicides is divine, I'm not a big fan of Sofia Coppola's other films but I can find no fault with TVS.

  3. >I agree with Dane about the name of Little Children!I loved The Virgin Suicides!

  4. >I was a little disappointed in the Little Children film, but Virgin Suicides is a classic. Nice post- I might try to find the Little Children book and read it now. 🙂

  5. >i have to watch/read theseive only seen the virgin suicidesim so behined on all these films

  6. >Assisti aos três filmes, mas só li "As Horas". Na realidade, li e reli muitas vezes. E de todos os filmes que você citou, acho o mais brilhante e o que fala de maneira mais interessante e real sobre a vida. Ou pelo menos, nos mostra a vida sobre um aspecto diferente, sobre um olhar diferente: aquele que temos quando vivemos um momento difícil e triste.Bom domingo!

  7. >Seraphine, I also got a little disappointed on "Little Children". I didn't dislike the film, though it could have been better. I LOVE "The Virgin Suicides".Kamila, imagino como vc deve ter lido e relido "As Horas", vide o tema da sua monografia da pós e seu amor pelo livro. Concordo com o que vc diz sobre como o livro aborda a vida. Bom domingo. ^^

  8. >Não me lembro se eu vi Hours, but Virgens Suicídas eu vi e lembro que foi meio chocante…mas um bom filme.Mil beijocasss

  9. >love love the quotes frm the hours and the virgin suicides.anyhow thanks for d commeny(: btu how i wish i DID buy them.. cos i didnt): haha!love!

  10. >oh! the virgin suicides!! i love the story.

  11. >Sem dúvida três grandes filmes, mas ainda não li nenhum dos livros. "As Horas" é um dos 20 melhores filmes que já vi, me apaixonei pela trama desde a primeira vez. A forma como as histórias se unem é impressionante, fico emocionado só de lembrar. E a trilha do Glass é memorável, adoro esse tema que você disponibilizou – além da faixa "Dead Things". Inesquecível…"As Virgens Suicidas" vi recentemente e é tão bom quanto os demais da Coppola. Já quanto a "Little Children", todos dizem que o livro é melhor mesmo – o final é diferente, né? Eu não gostei da conclusão, mas é um bom filme.Abraço!

  12. >Vinícius, se vc estiver interessado nesses três livros, começe com "As Horas", o meu favorito dentre os três. Tb me emociono nos momentos de entrelaçamento das três personagens femininas. Esse tema "Dead Things" é a trilha do momento do diálogo da Virginia com a sua sobrinha, durante o enterro do passarinho? A trilha do filme é genial.Sim, o final do livro em "Little Children" é diferente do filme, o filme, na minha opinião, perdeu a essência do livro pelo fim. Mas como vc ponderou, é um bom filme, concordo.

  13. >Eu, que nos últimos tempos tinha banido o rosa do meu guarda-roupa, voltei a usar o rosa, especialmente essa tonalidade que é linda mesmo. super feminina e atual! mil beijos

  14. >Romeika, você que é bem informada sobre o mundo das top models, procede a informação de que Gisele Bundchen estará na próxima temporada de "Dancing With the Stars"???

  15. >Wonderful choices. I love The Virgin Suicides, but not half as much as the amazing book.

  16. >Vixe, Kamila, não estou sabendo disso. Na verdade, eu não sou bem informada sobre o mundo das top models, não kkkkkk 🙂

  17. >Ok now The Hours is on my must read list. I'm not sure about the movie because i have to know what its rated. Overall good postp.s.check out ma new post.

  18. >Valeu, Romeika. Eu li esta informação no TMZ e queria confirmar, porque achei estranhíssimo a Gisele aceitar participar desse programa.

  19. >I haven't seen any of those movies can you believe it? I'll have to remember to check back your page and put them on my download list when I get home from work!

  20. >i just finished reading the virgin suicides this summer and i absolutely adored it.they way its related, the images the boy dream about the girls, the questions without answer… i liked the film but the book is simply perfect plus yoy dont expect that at the ending one survives… to reunite soon ater with her sisters.

  21. >3 filmaços e 3 livraços!Não li nenhum dos 3, mas tenho muita vontade de ler o Little Children. Mas acho q não foi lançado por aqui.

  22. >Kamila, eu não ouvi falar, mas quem sabe ela não aceitou (ainda que seja estranho mesmo). Mas como eu disse, eu sou por fora da vida das tops rsrs..:-)Cassiano, Little Children foi lançado no Brasil, com o título de "Criancinhas". Eu li o livro ano passado, quando ainda estava em Natal. Só não lembro agora qual editora o publicou.

  23. >Romeika, acabei de ler a confirmação dos nomes dos novos participantes de "Dancing With the Stars" e a Gisele não está entre eles. Foi um engano no TMZ. A Gisele nunca que ia participar de um treco desses. Esses programas são para celebridades em decadência e a Gisele está longe disso.

  24. >I haven't watched any of these movies, but you wrote so nicely about them that i'm definitely planning on renting them or something to watch them =)x

  25. >Kamila, não conheço o programa, mas pelo que vc descreveu seria realmente absurdo se ela quisesse participar:-)

  26. >Ops, vou procurar Romeika, então valeu a dica.

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