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August 17, 2007

>Three beautiful films, three similar moments


The Lisbon sisters couldn’t have friends and at some point they couldn’t even go to school anymore. They spent their days drowned in melancholy, confined in their own home, observing the world outside through their bedroom’s window. Lost eyes through the glass. Charlotte was lost in translation in a foreign country, she hardly spent time with her husband and she leisurely walked, bored and alone in a large Tokyo hotel. Charlotte lost in her thoughts, lost in the city, lost in her window seat. Nevertheless, she will be found, she will have a friend to be lost with. Marie Antoinette was a foreign, she didn’t belong to France and she would never really adapt to it. But she was a dreamer and she would use escapism in its sweetest colours to go through it. A particular scene, the different angles where 14-year-old Marie contemplates the world through her carriage’s window speaks for itself, and no words are needed. Three different films, three similar moments with the signature of Sofia Coppola.