>Gorgeous and talented Miss Pfeiffer


Only Michelle Pfeiffer to wear a tacky dress and look wonderful despite of anyhing. She´s coming up with two films this summer, Hairspray (the photo above) and Stardust. I´m not so excited about any of these films, but i´m going to see them just because i wanna see Michelle on the big screen.

In all those years as a cinephile, i only got to see this lady in a movie theater once, that was when i saw Tim Burton´s Batman Returns. Okay, i also saw The Prince of Egypt, but it doesn’t count. Michelle, besides her tremendous good looks (she’s nearly 50, but she still looks as beautiful as ever), is a good actress, but people usually don´t remember her for this fact. Here’s a list of my fav films she participated, as well as her good performances:

  • Scarface (1983)
  • The Witches of Eastwick (1987)
  • Dangerous Liaisons (1988)
  • The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989)
  • The Russia House (1990)
  • Batman Returns (1992)
  • Love Field (1992)
  • The Age of Innocence (1993)
  • White Oleander (2002)

P.S.: On the second photo, Michelle at the Hairspray premiere in LA, july 10, 2007. I really like her white dress and peep-toe pumps.

12 Comments to “>Gorgeous and talented Miss Pfeiffer”

  1. >She is so gorgeous, I hope I look as good as her at 50. I really want to see HAIRSPRAY, but I think it's because I really want to see the Broadway Production more than anything. I love the pockets in the dress, very popular. –Oh, it was even funnier on that sex and the city episode when they started to kiss, and he had to take of the mustash for her.

  2. >I loved her dress at the premiere, too. Pockets always get me.

  3. >Sara, i wish i looked this good in my 50s, but i know it's not gonna happen, since this lady looks better than i am now, and i'm 24 *lol* Look at those tighs! Ambika, the pockets add an extra charm, for sure.

  4. >Linda. Eu quero envelhecer tão bem quanto ela.

  5. >I've watched The Fabulous Baker Boys probably ten times. I liked White Oleander (the book was great, even better than the film) too. Michelle Pfeiffer is a vegetarian. I think that's how she keeps her looks. Exercise and good genes don't hurt.

  6. >Seraphine, that's true, i guess that's how she keeps her slim figure. I remember once a brazilian journalist interviewed her in Cannes, and during the interview break, Michelle had lunch. Her lunch was a big plate full of lettuce. Lettuce, nothing else. I hate meat, but i couldn't live with only salad for lunch.I haven't read the book "White Oleander", but i really enjoyed the film. Three powerful female performances in it. And "Susan and the baker boys" is already a classic.

  7. >Nossa senhora! Essa mulher é a razão de eu gostar de cinema! Diva, Deusa, Magnífica, Maravilhosa, Sexy!Adoro, adoro!beijos, romeika!

  8. >She has aged so, so well. I think she was amazing as Catwoman, that was my favourite Batman film. She was sexy as hell in that.

  9. >Tulio, imagino que vc esteja morto de vontade de ver "HairSpray" e "Stardust" hehebeijos!

  10. >Errr, sou fã da Michelle e realmente ela é maravilhosa, difícil uma mulher chegar tão bela à sua idade. Estou bem ansioso para ver "Hairspray", que ao que tudo indica deve ser um dos melhores filmes do verão. Minha performance preferida da atriz é em "Dangerous Liaisons", mas nos outros ela também está fantástica – ainda não conferi "Baker Boys"…Abraço! 🙂

  11. >Vinicius, ela estah muito bem em "Ligacoes Perigosas", se nao me engano ela foi indicada ao Oscar por esse filme… Mas a minha performance favorita dela eh meio que bizarra, eh em "Batman, o Retorno" hehe. Nao sei, acho que eh pq nao consigo imaginar nenhuma outra atriz que tivesse encarnado a personagem tao bem quanto ela, fora que as cenas em que ela participa sao todas inesqueciveis. Tb tem a cantora de cabare em "Susan e os Baker Boys", que eu adoro.Nao tenho muita informacao sobre "HairSpray", por isso minhas expectativas pelo filme se resumem a vontade grande de ver a Michelle Pfeiffer na telona, ela eh maravilhosa. Abs e obrigada pela visita!^^

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