>Weekend: Hitchcock + von Trier + Tarantino


Oh yeah, weekend with three genius, or with three of my fav movie directors. Nothing better to do when it’s rainy and chilly: just to sit in the couch and see a great film (though one of them i saw in the movies, but i had some nice hot chocolate with me).

Saturday evening: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963) – The next scream you hear may be your own!

It was even better than the first time i saw it. The lack of soundtrack is the genius touch in this classic film which psychological tension grows in the same level as the thrilling moments for those who watch it. The emotional breakdown of the jealous old mother who only fears to be left alone, the kiss between two nearly strangers, the fear of the unknown, the comic explanation of a christian freak, and birds were never so scary. Hard to pick my fav scene, but i’d say the attack of the birds on Tippi Hedren’s character after she just opened the room’s door. That one has been reproduced in other art fields over and over. My second fav Hitchcock’s piece.

Sunday afternoon: Lars von Trier’s Breaking the Waves (1996) – Love is a mighty power.

In the words of the danish filmmaker, it was just a “simple love story”. Sure, why not, The Village was just a love story, after all. But that’s way too simplist to define this disturbing and moving life story of a catholic young woman who took her beliefs and faith beyond the borders of sanity. Bess (Emily Watson, who should have won the academy award in 97, though Frances McDormand wasn’t bad at all) marries Jan, an outsider, a non-member of the small-minded village where she was raised. After the marriage, he has to work abroad as an oil-rigger, and Bess can’t bear the loneliness, but her feelings are misunderstood as a sign of madness. She prays to have her Jan back as soon as possible and her wishes come true when he suffers in accident at the rig, that might make him never walk again. As a good catholic girl, Bess truly believes what happened to Jan is a result of her wishes. With her out of mind faith and her unique kind of love for Jan, she will go through a via crucis to make her lover healthy again. Lars von Trier always takes the best from their leading ladies, and in this film there’s no exceptions. And again the same kind of fragile/strong woman as a victim of the world she lives. The story is divided in nine sections: a prologue, seven chapters and an epilogue. Each part opens with a 70’s beautiful song, also the time where the movie takes place. A piece of art.

Sunday evening: Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse volume 1 (2007) – GRIND HOUSE (n):A theater playing back-to-back films exploiting sex, violance, and other extreme subject matter.

At first sight i thought this was going to be the first Tarantino movie i had seen that i would dislike. Or the only thing i could say about it is that besides a fetish for female feet, he also has a thing for butts. But it’s much more than that! Though you can’t take this film seriously, it’s pure entertainment and laughing. Tarantino was always a big fan of B productions from the 70’s, and Death Proof (the story of this volume 1) is how he declares his love for this genre(?) of films. The bad editing, the awful cinematography, the not so great dialogues, everything is so good! Even the bad acting of stunt double and non-actress Zoe Bell (playing herself) doesn’t bother at all, on the contrary, and wait until you see the best action scene of the year performed by a real (?) actress. Of course he didn’t make this film thinking of any awards, he made it for himself and he didn’t take himself seriously. One of the best of the year so far.

10 Comments to “>Weekend: Hitchcock + von Trier + Tarantino”

  1. >Dos filmes que você assistiu, só vi "Os Pássaros" há muito tempo atrás, na Globo. O filme é bom, mas confesso que não me lembro de muita coisa. 😉

  2. >Kamila, assista "Breaking the Waves" se tiver oportunidade, o filme eh excelente em todos os aspectos, outra obra-prima do von Trier. Fiquei pasma quando soube que foi o primeiro trabalho da Emily Watson no cinema, nos extras do dvd tinha o teste dela para o papel da Bess, nao parecia tao bom quanto foi no filme, mas o von trier a escolheu pq havia visto toda a essencia da personagem naquele teste, e tinha a certeza de que a unica coisa que faltava era a direcao. E ele estava absolutamente certo, Watson dah show, e abocanhou logo uma indicacao ao Oscar de melhor atriz.Quanto a "Os Passaros" , esse merece uma revisita.

  3. >Yummm, hot chocolate. I like to take real chocolate and shave off a nice spoonful into the bottom of the mug. Then add steaming hot milk and stir until the chocolate is mixed. My favorite part is adding a large dollop of whipped cream at the top. Sometimes taking a walk on a dreary wet day is charming. But curling up under a blanket while watching movies with a cup of hot chocolate– heaven!

  4. >Obrigada pela dica, Romeika. Vou assistir ao filme assim que tiver a oportunidade.

  5. >Seraphine, Hmmmmm, now i feel like having another cup of hot chocolate, watching a movie or not:-) And whipped cream on top is the best part of having it!Kamila, nao sei se vc gosta do cinema do von Trier, mas assista mesmo;)

  6. >I can't see grindhouse I have this thing about horror movies, I've never seen one in my life, I have a vivid imagination…if I even see a commercial for one I stay scared for months and months!Quintin is an interesting director, hahha him and his feet fetishes!I want to see sunday afternoon looks like a good movie and I'm due to watch one, I'm a sucker for love stories like the notebook.

  7. >Os passáros é sensacional, esse dias li um artigo de um livro de cinema e antropologia que tratava da questão dos significados da comida nos filmes de Hitch e colocava como exemplo o filme os passaros – além de citar outros tb – muito interessante, se quiser depois te passo o nome do livro, pois vale a pena.abraço!

  8. >Jennifer, i haven't heard of "Sunday Afternoon", but I really enjoyed "The Notebook" (i even cryed when i watched it in the movies…=)Felipe, sensacional eh mesmo a palavra pra definir esse classico do suspense cinematografico. Fiquei curiosa sobre o livro! Ah e desde jah obrigada pela visita, abs!

  9. >i think you should see it again to realise that when he made that movie, he made it thinking just in violence, and this particular movie liked a lot to his fans(im not one of them)and to the people in general, so think it socialy, why we all like violence movies? isn't the real world violence enought?sorry for my english, it's kind of bad, but i hope you understand mi comentary and my position.:)

  10. >sorry for the "anonymus" thing, i just dont know how to use this web site ajajjaja

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